June 29, 2005

Off Color Joke

If you are hyper sensitive don't click on the link below.

What's the difference between pussy and parsley?

Some people actually eat pussy.

Posted by Jess at June 29, 2005 08:15 PM

ha ha ha, nice really nice, Jess.

Parsley is supposed to be good for your digestion, which is why there is a tradition of putting it on your plate.

Pussy on the other hand.....

Posted by: JulieB at June 29, 2005 09:04 PM

Glad you enjoyed it Jules.

Posted by: jess @ LOSLI at June 29, 2005 09:35 PM

I eat parsley, but yeah for the others.

Posted by: cooper at June 30, 2005 01:12 PM
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