July 23, 2005

Awkward conversations volume 1

Me: "... Uh I dunno."

Her: "... Why don't you know."

Me: "... I dunno anything."

Her: "... How come you never know anything?"

Me: "... I dunno."

Her: "... It is no wonder that you can't make your relationships last, that and if they do not put out on the first date then you give up on them."

Me: "... I dunno."

Her: "... Think about it. "

Me: "... Damn it grandma, I am not talking to you anymore."


Posted by Jess at July 23, 2005 12:52 PM | TrackBack

ha ha ha, you sound like Jeremy.... his grandma reads trashy romances.... JulieB likes her.

Posted by: JulieB at July 23, 2005 02:47 PM
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