September 16, 2005

Conversation with Ex

My cell phone rings... I had recently changed her ring tone to Usher's "My Boo" I hear "It started way back when we were younger you were mine my boo, now another brother's taking over, but it's still in your eyes, even though we used to argue it's alright, I know we haven't seen each other in a while, but you will always be my boo."

I answer. The conversation proceeded.

Me: Hey girl how you doing?

C: I have missed you my sweet Jesse. Remember when I poured water over your head? We were cute when we flirted. I think we are still now. You are still my best.

Me: I have missed you too.

C: Well, what are you doing tonight?

Me: Thinking about you... What are you doing?

C: Jesse, you still have it. I think we need to talk in person.

Me: You remember how to get in the gate?

C: See you soon sweetie.

Me: K, bebbie. Can't wait.

She is on her way upstairs. I will not tell what happens, unless in a private e-mail. (JOKING)

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Jess is so getting laid.

Posted by: Biologisvensk at September 17, 2005 02:00 AM

Sounds like you had a good night.

Posted by: ickity christmas in Sept at September 18, 2005 01:42 PM

About time....

Posted by: JulieB at September 23, 2005 12:10 PM
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