October 07, 2005

George Bush's conversation with God.

Phone in Oval Office rings. George Bush picks up. The voice on the other end is husky but sounds very falmiliar. Transcript of call.

GWB: Hallow.

God: Hello my son.

GWB: Poppy do you have a cold? You sound different.

God: No this is your heavenly father, calling again.

GWB: How's it going up north?

God: Oh it's alright.

GWB: Can I tell you a secret God?

God: Go ahead, my son.

GWB: I plan on getting the space program to go to Mars. I was thinking then we could meet there for a Odouls. The secret is that I really only want to go to space to be closer to you.

God: Bushie, my son... I am millions of miles out.

GWB: But you make it into the earth to talk to Pat every week or so.

God: I my son, have never spoken to Patty-Cake Robertson. I believe he talks to a former angel of mine that I regret to say left my employ years ago.



GWB: You mean.... (Voice trails off) The guys from that movie Dogma?

God: No, I mean Lucifer.(Under Breath) Was Babs hitting the crack pipe while she was knocked up with this jackass?

GWB: What was that God?

God: Nothing my son.

GWB: I been thinking about going commando.

God: Hmm.

GWB: That would not stop my chances of entering the Heavenly compound in which all Bush's go. Would it? Dickie says it would.

God: No, Dickie is not right. I believe he is the son of Lucifer and certain woman in Wyoming. (He must be thinking of shrubbery surely not his family)

GWB: So, uh God, How do you feel about male thongs?

God: No opinion. But alas Bushie I must go.

GWB: Do you like the Prarie Chapel?

GWB: Hello.

GWB: Hello.

GWB: Hello?

GWB: Hello?

Meanwhile Karl Rove smiles at his cell phone knowing that he has pulled off another conversation that George can tell his Palestinian pals. The first one well, it was a little more meaningful.... But it is fun to listen to his questions, male thongs, Jesus Christ.

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