October 09, 2005

Rox Populi has a question...

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I am a moderate to independent left leaning person. I voted for Bush in 2000. I dunno, to me it seems as though the dems need to get on message. I may not agree with all of the messwage but get one so that we can decide.

My politics. By issue.

Abortion - Pro Choice.
I believe that a woman has a right to live her life and do what she feels is right with her body. It damn sure is not the job of legislators or judges in Washington to decide what a woman in Iowa, New Mexico, Colorado, or Nevada does with her body.

Gun Control - Against most.
I hunt. I believe that most gun control hurts the people that comply with it. I do though believe that there should be mandatory checks and waiting periods.

Immigration - Sensible reforms.
I believe that our borders are weak. We need to regulate them. We need to make sure that people that get in are indeed here to follow not destroy the American Dream.

War - Is hell.
We need to bring the wrath of terror against terrorists. We need not keep double standards of who and why we attack. I was for Afghanistan, and against Iraq....

Minimum wage - Costs money to make money.
I believe that the when the minimum wage goes up so do other costs. If you are a store owner and can now sell toilet paper for $1.00 a roll with today's wages it will cost you a $1.10 with an increase. I am willing to pay it, but are the people that make the minimum wage any better off in the end? Maybe a little, it is indeed and interesting question.

Government leaks - Prosecute them all.
Without a way of keeping our government officials in check, regardless of party we are headed towards a theocraty. We did not build this country to be the best in the world by showing immunity to cronies.

Schools - No child should be left behind.
How do we do that? By making teaching a profession that attracts the best of the best instead of the rejects from other sectors. Listen to me closely, teaching is important. Without the children of today will be the dirilects of tomorrow. If we do not raise our current teacher's wages we will indeed lose a generation. If we pay teachers more, we will indeed recruit the best at molding the young minds.

Business - Capitolism works.
It is what makes us different. We need to encourage small business growth. We need to restablish the middle class, I am sick of seeing a two class system - Broke and Rich.

Drug reform - It doesn't work.
Decriminalize the shit. Set up rehab programs. Clear out jails, for real criminals. Medical marijuana? Yes. Legal marijuana? Sure, if it is monitored. How to pay for the monitoring? CUT THE PORK for bullshit bridges and put the money to awareness and police. Christ, is it that hard to understand? We are building schools in Iraq while they waste away in New Mexico. What the fuck is our problem?

More later.

Goldstein thinks differently.

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