October 26, 2005

Overheard at the DOD Monday morning staff meeting

Donald Rumsfeld: "Golly, it sure is a super fantastic morning."

Rest of the Table: "..."

Donald Rumsfeld: "I said good morning staff"

Rest of the Table: "... Good morning Secretary Rumsfeld."

Donald Rumsfeld: "That is much better."

General Peter Pace: "What is on the agenda for this morning?"

Donald Rumsfeld: "We must silence Daniel Goetz. Silence him I say."

General Peter Pace: "Who is Daniel Goetz?"

Donald Rumsfeld: "We must topple his blog like we did that statue of Sadaam in Baghdad."

Rest of the table: "..."

Donald Rumsfeld: "When we take over his blog, called "All the King's Men" we will be greeted as liberators. We will teach him to use Orwellianesque stuff on his blog, the bastard."

Donald Rumsfeld: "Anyone else ever get a craving for a green chile cheese burger at 5:30 am?"

Rest of the table: "...."

Donald Rumsfeld: "Just this morning I was craving one, you know a big and juicy double one, well nobody is open to make me one."

General Peter Pace: "Secretary, back to Daniel Goetz. What did he write on his blog?"

Donald Rumsfeld: "He said mean things about me. Made me cry."

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