November 26, 2005

Saturday quickie
No, this is not a photoshop. Double entrada? Yes. Photoshop? No.
Picture courtesy of Plutonium Page Posting at Daily Kos.

Luis has an idea on the minimum wage that makes sense.

A great read. 'Nuff said.

Another good read. Check it out.

A quick conversation with a clerk that I had.
Me: "... Oh the injustice."

Clerk: "... Injustice?"

Me: "... Yes. I ate turkey yesterday..."

Clerk: "... Are you some kind of wacko that thinks that tofurkey ought to be served?"

Me: "...."

Clerk: "... Some sort of Peta idiot?"


Clerk: "... I love turkey. I hate wackos."

Me: "... The injustice I was speaking of was that I forgot to put gravy on my turkey."

Clerk: "... You let me get excited over gravy?"


Clerk: "... Just the newspaper?"

Me: "... Yup."

Clerk: "... I doubt that you will read about you not having gravy for your fucking turkey in there."

Me: "... You really have some anger issues."

Clerk: "... Fuck you."

Have a great Saturday. I am on my way to the gym.

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