December 12, 2005

Conversation with my fifth double Jim Beam and Diet Coke

Me: "For some reason I have a Hank Williams Jr. song in my head tonight."

Jim Beam and Diet Double # 5: "Let me guess, you have "Family Tradition" in your head. Particularly that line "Now, I have loved some ladies and I have loved Jim Beam, and they both tried to kill me back in 1973?"

Me: "Yes, but I ammended that line to 2003."

JBDD#5: "Well, that makes good sense, Jess... being that you were not born until 1979."


JBDD#5: "I will take your silence as an affirmation."

Me: "Jack Daniels never talked back."

JBDD#5: "But, I am so much sexier."

Me: "That, my friend is plain fuct up."

This guy could be Goldstein's brother. Or maybe it is Jeff G?

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