December 23, 2005

I'm Steve Bozell

I am your average man. I try to eak out an existense I live in Corona, CA. My wife and I have been involved in quite a bit of litigation over the years. I am a regular on The Phil Hendrie Show. He gives me a place to get my message out. Jess e-mailed me a week or so ago and asked me to keep you all entertained while he is off with strippers, slots, blackjack, and hookers in Vegas. I feel as though I have been persecuted by this society. I am a martyr. I am a christian I have been thrown to the lions.

My latest little bit of litigation involves people taking the CHRIST out of CHRISTmas. My attorneys think I have a good shot at this one.

My neighbor Hutchens saw me dressed as Joseph the father of Jesus when I was leaving to go to our church's CHRISTmas pageant. He yelled, "hey look it's king Tut." That drained me so much emotionally that I cried. Later that night I dropped off the kids(Shit) on Hutchen's elf display. I am suing Hutchen's for persecution of my religous beliefs. I later called Hutchen's daughter and let her know that she was adopted.

Here is an example of how they are trying to persecute me.

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Welcome Steve. I think your lawsuit may be frivolous.... but, well do your thing.

Thanks to you and Julie for posting.

Posted by: jess @ at December 23, 2005 08:57 PM
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