January 17, 2006

Steve Bozell Returns

Hello all. Steve Bozell here. I am sorry that I have been away for so long, but, well I have suffered some major trauma in my life.

A brief refresher. I am a contractor from Corona, CA USA. I own a company called B&B Construction. Our facilities are just outside of Corona, on Friday morning I was in the restroom at our facility. I was in the stall. I heard the door open, I asked who it was. Well, I will just put the conversation down and you decide.

Me: "Hello."

Unknown Restroom Assailant:

Me: "Steve Bozell here."


Me: "Hello.... this is Steve Bozell here. Who's there?"


Me: "I demand to know who is in here."

URA: "Ah yeah, drainin the main vain, baby."

Me: "I see your boots."


Me: "I am Steve Bozell and I am not your baby."

URA: "Jackass."

As you all can see, I am emotionally broken. A man refused to acknowledge my leadership and ownership of the business. I am the owner of B&B yet one of my employees of lesser class than myself refused to let me pinch off a loaf in peace and then later refused to talk when addressed. What a fucker. I will sue any and all of my employees until I find out who the sorry fucker is. I am emotionally freaking broken.

For Avedon:
The speech, well it made me want to be a Democrat again.

*I am not happy with that effing Jess.*

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