April 18, 2006

Random Text Messages and My Responses.... (With My Thoughts)

From a girl that I met once or twice... maybe three times...

Her Message
"FYI I really like flowers and lunch, just a thought. What r u doing 2morrow?"
(Katie??? The girl from the golf course)

My Reply
"Golf. I am a typical male, I will spend 4 hours looking 4 a golf ball and 2 minutes looking 4 a g-spot?"

Her Message
"R u serious? You can find it in 2 minutes?"
(At least she doesn't take me too seriously, that is a good thing.)

My Reply
"I was joking."

Her Message
"I kinda figured."
(Damn, that is good)

My Message
"Call me if you get a chance."

Her Message
"I will call you later this morning, I am working with my hair now."
(She had normal hair... I think.)

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