October 06, 2005

Conversations with Clerks X15 (Back by popular demand)

Me: "I need a little bit of luck. How about a Quick Pick."

Clerk: "When I need luck I usually rub a bald man's head."

Me: "Heh."

Clerk: "Cheaper and all you know."

Me: "Right."

Clerk: "What's in the cup?"

Me: "Diet Dr. Pepper"

Clerk: "I myself am a RC Cola Girl."

Me: "Good for you. I say drink all the soda you can stand, the brand does not matter."

Clerk: "I disagree. I try not buy any product of large distributors."

Me: "Do you buy brand name tampons like kotex or whatever they are?"

Clerk: "Well, yes...."

Me: "Condoms?"

Clerk: "Yes."

Me: "STOP THE CORPORATE GREED. Do you have any cheetos? I am strangely hungry for some tasty cheese crisps. There is no substitute for CORPORATE GREED FILLED CHEESE PUFFS.

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