October 28, 2005

A very Merry Fitzmas

But Libby's indictment runs the risk of tarnishing that tough image and eroding Cheney's influence within the administration.

"It's a personal blow to the vice president," said Vin Weber, a former Minnesota Republican congressman. "I know he and Scooter Libby have been close for a long time."

From Mercury News (Emphasis mine)

Go to page 5 of the indictment. Top of the page, item #9.

On or about June 12, 2003, LIBBY was advised by the Vice President of the United States that Wilson's wife worked at the Central Intelligence Agency in the Counterproliferation Division. LIBBY understood that the Vice President had learned this information from the CIA.

Avedon says...This is a crucial piece of information. The Counterproliferation Division (CPD) is part of the CIA's Directorate of Operations, i.e., not Directorate of Intelligence, the branch of the CIA where 'analysts' come from, but the DO, where the spies, the 'operatives' come from.

Libby's a long time national security hand. He knows exactly what CPD is and where it is. So does Cheney. They both knew. It's right there in the indictment.

Daisy Cutter believes that it is a grave injustice. He also probably believes.... well, ask him.

Goldstein liveblogged the day.

Who is Official A? Hunter has a theory.

Duncan has his Fitzmas Eggnog lined up.... Party in Philly.

Posted by Jess at October 28, 2005 08:34 PM | TrackBack

I read DC.


Posted by: pusillanimous wanker at October 28, 2005 11:15 PM

Now, come on, Jess ... My point was a bit broader than simply this political prosecution. I want to do away with all of them. They are a waste and a threat to us all.

It troubles me that Americans don't have a healthy respect and understanding for what it means to have the United States as an opposing party in a criminal case.

This is not a game.

Posted by: DC at October 28, 2005 11:31 PM

How DC did you feel about the impeachment of Clinton? Was that not for perjury? Was more money not spent by Judge Starr on that prosecution than was necessary if "political" prosecutions are not necessary. Please explain.

Posted by: jess @ LOSLI at October 29, 2005 07:50 AM
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