April 15, 2006

Random IM's from People I Don't Know

Jfrog_thejumpingjack: I just ate mexican food it was tasty.

Me: I'm sure. Who are you?

Jfrog_thejumpingjack: Remember me from the 7-11?

Me: No. I boycotted the 7-11's in September. It was due to an unfortunate incident with a goth girl in the bathroom in a 7-11 in Vernal Utah.

Jfrog_thejumpingjack: Wrong guy. Sorry man. What happened?

Me: You sent an IM to the wrong person.

Jfrog_thejumpingjack: I mean with the goth girl.

Me: Unisex bathrooms were a bad deal. I walked in on her and her dancing ferret in there and I have never been the same since.

Jfrog_thejumpingjack: Oh. Dancing ferret?

Me: What in the hell are you doing sending IM's to people you meet in 7-11? Are you a 7-11 stalker? Are you a freak?

Jfrog_thejumpingjack: No.

Me: Yes the ferret was dancing right on the top of the paper towell dispenser.

Jfrog_thejumpingjack: Wow.

Me: Gotta go.

Jfrog_thejumpingjack: You wanna IM again?

Me: No. I'll pass.

Posted by Jess at April 15, 2006 02:36 PM | TrackBack

Hmm... yes, well, someone who noticed my location, mentioned he lived in my town, IM'd me last week. He says, "I think I know you". Wanted me to identify myself - - uh huh, sure big guy as long as you do so first - including name address and phone number.... He declined.

Posted by: JulieB at April 17, 2006 11:06 AM

Reminds me of a time (I was 5) I played doctor with the little girl next door. She gave me a shot with a hammer and nail. I could feel the love coming from her hammer. A little OT but I can do that around here because I am the master of this domain. Word up mofos

Posted by: Jess @losli.mu.nu at April 17, 2006 04:18 PM
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