March 25, 2006

For the Pioneers

Cowhead, Howard, Bubba and all the rest.

Ban Clear Channel? Why? I dunno.

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Things to notice....

Sadly,this is kinda funny.

Cheney himself said that when he returned to the White House from the hunting trip, Bush told him, "Dick, I'm 38 percent in the polls and you shot the only trial lawyer who supports me."

Via AmericaBlog

Our Blogfather says "Recruiting must be tough."

Daisy Cutter says "Yes, Virginia, hindsight is 20-20. So, what?"
The problem with his statement is, that we are not 8 year old girls, writing letters to the New York Sun. Oh, and it is not 1897.

Jawa Report - South Park vs. Mission Impossible vs. the Catholic Church

Winkler family photo at funeral? That sends chillls down my spine.

For Melissa McGhee from Chuck.

Katrina the whore.

Rita the bitch.

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3 Bombs Explode in Grand Junction, CO

From the Daily Sentinel
Authorities are seeking a Grand Junction man, and possibly others, in connection with a series of five homemade bombs set Friday morning across the Grand Valley. Three of the bombs exploded, causing some property damage, but no injuries were reported.

Grand Junction Police Chief Bill Gardner, nonetheless, stressed the threat has not evaporated.

“We are dealing with a pattern criminal” whose plans for setting explosives may not be finished, Gardner said.

Authorities identified Robert L. Burke, 54, of Grand Junction as a person of interest in the investigation that began with a 4:34 a.m. explosion at a residence in Paradise Hills.

Authorities are not ruling out the possibility there might be more people of interest in the case.

A town that I love dearly, am presently in, and have been working in for the past three months.

Speaking of Colorado Matters... Luis, has quit blogging. He will be missed.

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March 21, 2006

Shock, awe, agony, and...


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March 19, 2006

Tres Anos


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You say it best, when you say......


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March 17, 2006

This Time It's Fun

Life, like this blog can be a lot of things, whatever comes our way.... THIS TIME IT'S FUN.

LOSLI has returned to it's original glory.... well kind of, if I could have found you some leprechaun porn it would have been better, but... make do people. I am rusty over here.

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March 14, 2006

Returning 17-Mar-06

tNature\F is for...

What? You really thought I was gone?

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