June 28, 2005

Conversations with MS Excel Volume 3

Me: Aha. Who is your daddy now trick biatch?

MS Excel:

Me: I figured that out, you and your punk ass can no longer keep your secrets revealed. I am your master.

MS Excel:

Me: Thats right. Boo yeah bitch.

MS Excel: Uh listen buddy, I know you are proud that you learned how to sort... But at the same time a four year old named Billy Johnson in Madison Wisconsin just did the same thing. At the pace you learn you may be able to write formulas in about 2050. Now go kick some more ass tiger.


MS Excel: Did I hear something about someone being someone's daddy?


MS Excel: Who has who mastered?

Me: Alright damn you and your Seattle shitty coffee drinking attitude all to hell.

MS Excel: Fatal error.


Posted by Jess at June 28, 2005 11:55 AM

BWA HA HA oh yes... you figured out Excel... uh, huh, tell me another one. BUT!!! Learning how to sort data is a nice step forward. Baby steps, Jess, baby steps are fine, just keep walking.

I should point out that your Exel has an attitude and deserves a kick in its multiple combination charts, and you can tell it that I said so, and if E doesn't listen, tell 'em you got my phone number and will call it if he doesn't shape up.

Posted by: JulieB at June 28, 2005 01:04 PM

You know, if Microsoft products could talk, that's exactly what they would say. Heh.

Posted by: owlish at June 28, 2005 06:10 PM

Thanks for stopping by Owlish. I will be by to see your place.

Posted by: jess @ LOSLI at June 28, 2005 06:20 PM
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